Dental Assisting – Benefits Of This Great Career

Dental Assisting is one of the hottest medical careers with great pay, many jobs, and good benefits without the need for a college degree. What many people don’t know is that it is not just a dentist that works in a dental facility. During dental treatments, the dentist relies on other dental professionals. In short, the dental team includes dental assistants, dental hygienists, office staff and sometimes other types of dental technicians.

Over the years, the number of dental assistants has increased exponentially. Dental assistants are professionals that provide assistance to the dentist during most dental procedures. This career is ideal for individuals who have excellent interpersonal skills. What many don’t know is that this career existed for a long time, even before its recent popularity. There are many different specific career paths a person can follow when pursing this career including dental assisting, office manager, and dental hygienist. Other than working in a private practice, a dental assistant can work in military and other public organizations.

To excel at the job, a dental assistant will shoulder many responsibilities which require some level of expertise.

Some of these responsibilities include: reviewing the medical history of a patient, conducting dental radiology imaging (X-rays), measuring patient medical status, providing assistance to the dentist, modeling a patient’s teeth by taking impressions, ensuring medical instruments are well sterilized, applying sealants, preparing mixtures used for filling dentures, and teeth polishing. When being supervised by the dentist, they may trim fillings, apply aesthetics, isolate the affected tooth for treatment, ensure a patient is comfortable prior and during

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a procedure, remove sutures, provide needed instructions patients need to observe after operation like how to maintain fillings, provide tutorials to patients on dental healthcare (such as eating the right food, flossing, brushing), performing administrative tasks such as scheduling appointment with patients, maintaining office records, preparing medical billings, responding to office calls, placing orders for office supplies and much more.

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Dr. Mahesh Dholariya DDS

Director, Georgetown Dental Assistant School